Aims and Objectives

Each member will be given a manual to work from and by working¬† through the manual at one’s own pace they will be able to build up confidence and eliminate their shyness in all walks of life.

We create a friendly and happy atmosphere in which to learn and by taking an active roll members soon gain confidence not only in speaking in public, but all aspects of their life.

Even the most nervous and shy people soon learn to overcome their nerves and in a few months they come out of their shell and enjoy their life much more.  They learn to complain in a logical manner without losing their temper. They learn to express themselves clearly and logically, which reduces frustration and anger.

Members also learn to be a good listener and to pay attention to what is being said to them in all conversations which reduces misunderstanding and annoyance.

If you are to become a president of an organisation or have to take an active roll in/or chair meetings or go to different functions and meet strangers, we can show you how to have the confidence to take control of yourself and not be fearful of the situation.

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